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The Woolly Croft

The Textile Center for Central New Brunswick

As part of their business the Doak family owned and operated a carding mill. This mill was used by many all over the province who had wool that needed to be processed. With the mill the Doak’s were able to run a successful textile business. Wool was sold to the farm, processed and then spun and woven to make fabric. This fabric would then be made into clothing, blankets, bedding, curtains and more.

The Woolly Croft is home to a full-size loom, multiple rigid heddle looms, two spinning wheels, many drop spindles and lots of other wool processing and textile equipment. We also can’t forget about our endless stash of yarn and wool! Along with demonstrations we offer classes throughout our open season for any age. Classes offered include:

• Spinning
• Weaving
• Rug Hooking
• Needle Felting
• Wool Dyeing
& more!

For specific dates and times for when classes are available please visit our Facebook page.
A tour through the Woolly Croft offers guests a look into the textile business that was ran by the Doak’s. Here you can see how wool was processed, spun and woven into fabric and learn about the animals that produced the wool. You can also be a part of the process and try your hand at these historic fiber arts.

Our Door is Always Open

The Woolly Croft is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9am until 5pm. Our door is always open so stop in and see what we are up to and try your hand at spinning, weaving, rug hooking or whatever else we are working on. Or stop in and spend an afternoon and bring the project that you are working on.